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What's Wrong With My Horse?

by Colin J. Vogel

Book Description
A practical guide to diagnosing common equine veterinary problems - with clear guidance on when to call the vet. Colin Vogel, a highly respected writer on equine veterinary problems, provides useful, practical advice for the treatment and management of a wide range of diseases and ailments likely to be encountered in field and stable. Skin problems, the nervous system, the digestive tract, heart and blood disorders, respiratory diseases, lameness - are all covered, with clear detailed diagrams to help your understanding. In each case there is advice on first aid, treatment and any further action you will need to take. With information on assembling a first-aid kit, and clear guidance on when to call the vet, this book is an essential addition to any horse owner's library.

About the Author
Colin Vogel is an experienced veterinarian, specializing in horses and his many thousands of patients have included everything from Suffolk Punches to Shetland ponies. He has been the veterinary correspondent for Horse & Hound for many years and is a past officer and council member of the British Equine Veterinary Association. He is an advisor to a number of major equine insurance companies. Colin has written seven books and lives in Fakenham, Norfolk.

This paperback first aid book is great to keep in your tack trunk/room to use as a quick reference guide to any medical inquiry.