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Simple Steps to Riding Success: Feel the Power of

Positive Riding With Nlp Sports Psychology

Techniques : Includes Exercises & Case Studies

by Liz Morrison

Book Description
This book will appeal to all riders who want to improve their confidence and clear the negative memories or beliefs that are stopping them from riding at their best. It details an exciting new approach to developing a positive mental attitude.

Author Liz Morrison focuses on Neuro Linguistic Programming and Sports Psychology, powerful psychological tools for setting goals, building confidence, and clearing "blocks." Readers will be able to pick which techniques are appropriate to their needs, from goal setting, such as "I want to jump with confidence," to visualization exercises done half an hour before an event or exam. Each step-by-step technique is supported by real life case histories.

Liz Morrison is a licensed NLP master practitioner who applies NLP in her work as a sports coach and International Level 2 riding instructor as well as in business. She is a regular writer for Your Horse and frequently contributes to Horse magazine.

The book is exquisitely designed to provide you with easy, powerful, and practical tools for achieving your most ambitious and exciting life dreams.

For added value and interest, the book contains inspiring stories of individuals who have used the tools to successfully achieve their own goals.

It is brilliantly organized with excellent visuals to help you understand and apply the tools and concepts easily.

The tools are NLP-based (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), so the book will appeal to those of you who want to learn about NLP as well as those of you who are familiar with NLP and want to develop your expertise further.