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How Your Horse Wants You to Ride:

Starting Out, Starting Over

by Gincy Self Bucklin

Book Description
Learn to ride correctly, safely, and confidently.

In this breakthrough guide, renowned riding expert Gincy Self Bucklin offers adult riders a unique, proven method for developing a good physical, mental, and emotional relationship with a horse. Whether you're a beginner, a more experienced rider looking to enhance your skills, or someone who used to ride but is reluctant to try again, Bucklin's step-by-step exercises-slowly and carefully practiced first on the ground and then on your horse-will have you riding with confidence and without fear. You'll build a safe and caring partnership with your horse as you:

"If you' ve ever said to yourself, 'Why can' t I . . . ?,' you' ll find the answer here to why you can' t, and exactly how to solve the problem. Whatever your level, you'll gain greater understanding and become a better rider and horseman from reading this book."

-George H. Morris, internationally renowned clinician, USEF Show Jumping vice-president, ARIA master instructor, and member of the U. S. Equestrian Federation Board of Directors.

"How Your Horse Wants You To Ride is chock full of innovative and practical tools presented in a thoroughly entertaining style. A delightful read for riders at all levels!"

-Jane Savoie, olympic alternate and author of That Winning Feeling!, Cross Train Your Horse, More Cross Training, and It's Not Just About the Ribbons.

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A unique, proven method of riding instruction.

Written by a renowned riding expert, this unique guide offers adult amateur riders a proven method for building a good physical, mental, and emotional relationship with a horse. Step-by-step skill-building exercises-first on the ground and then on the horse-help riders gain confidence, understand how their actions affect the horse, and communicate with the horse to gain his trust.

Gincy Self Bucklin (Narragansett, RI) is an accomplished riding instructor with more than 50 years' experience. She is the author of What Your Horse Wants You to Know.

In clear concise detail the author puts her over 30 years of experience into the student's hands. She takes you from the first meeting with your horse, on through to the clearest description of the use and purpose of aids. The pictures clearly show the correct positions which the student can then emulate and the author communicates her knowledge of the sport with encouragement and love.