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Advanced Basics, The Fun Begins

by Gincy Self Bucklin

Book Description
Techniques to help riders fine-tune their communication and riding skills

This follow-up to How Your Horse Wants You to Ride helps intermediate to advanced riders improve their communication with their mounts and polish their overall riding skills. Readers get a complete tutorial-much of which can be found nowhere else-on taking their riding skills to the next level.

From the Back Cover
Take your understanding of horses and riding to a new level.

In this sequel to How Your Horse Wants You to Ride: Starting Out-Starting Over, Gincy Self Bucklin explores in greater depth the three basics: relationship, riding without interfering, and communication. She then covers the rest of the essential riding skills, including cantering, jumping, and cross country, providing a comprehensive foundation for upper-level work. Bucklin introduces the serious student to advanced concepts, presented in a way that is easy to understand. You'll learn:

Comments In her third book, this companion to "How Your Horse Wants You To Ride", Gincy gives us another collection of her deep insights into horse behavior, comfort and motivation. In this book she is also very specific about what to do to ride with more confidence. Her Seven Steps plus Grounding are spelled out here and discussed once again. Everything about how she asks the rider to approach riding the horse creates confidence in riding. The photographs and diagrams in the book are really helpful and appear at just the right moments.