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The Complete Book of Foaling:

An Illustrated Guide for the Foaling Attendant

by Karen E. N. Hayes

Book Description
In Praise of The Complete Book of Foaling

"A must read for anybody who has ever thought about breeding a mare." -Judith Forbis, Ansata Arabian Stud

"Brilliantly written-reads like a novel, yet beautifully organized so that you can flip to a section at a moment's notice if your mare is in trouble." -Equus

"This book should be included in every foaling kit. In fact, it should never sit on the bookshelf in the house-keep it in the barn where you can always get to it in a hurry!" -Modern Horse Breeding

"Right away the illustrations set this book apart from any other in its class. Dr. Hayes's ability to teach is the other distinction-she has a knack for explaining things in such a way that you understand and remember, and the learning process is fun. I couldn't put the book down until I had read it cover to cover." -Walter Schimanski, Masada Arabians

From the Inside Flap
Designed as a crash course in the foaling process, The Complete Book of Foaling is equally valuable for veteran horsemen and for people who have never seen a foal born. Dr. Karen Hayes, an equine veterinarian with a specialty in reproduction, explains how to handle a foaling-any foaling, regardless of how easy or how complicated it may turn out to be. Her feeling is that if we know what is happening inside the mare during the late stages of pregnancy and labor, we will understand what is normal and be able to recognize when something goes wrong. She takes us through the whole process step by step, from three weeks before foaling, through the new baby's first twelve hours. She even has a section on how to predict when the foaling will occur, so the designated attendant will be sure to be there when it happens. Since most foals are born at night, and it may be difficult to get help when it's needed, this book, with its 150 photographs and diagrams, can be the source of information and reassurance the foaling attendant needs.

The Complete Book of Foaling not only teaches how to troubleshoot problems but also explains why a problem has occurred and what must be done to correct it. Dr. Hayes knows that the foaling process can be scary and exciting at the same time. She wants to make it the exhilarating and positive experience it is meant to be by contributing not just her expertise but that of "the silent and patient teachings of the mares and foals" she attended. "The horses are the real authors," she says. "I am privileged to be their interpreter."

Dr. Hayes has created a very well written book for anyone to read ... from the layman to others in the veterinary field. The book is quite well organized, with each section covering different crucial stages of foaling, from knowing when she's going to foal through the first 12 hours. Photographs are appropriately placed in order to educate the reader about what ever physical aspect of foaling, from signs, to birth positions, to milking the mare. There are lists and charts at the end of the book to help you organize the information you've just read.