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101 Arena Exercises:

A Ringside Guide for Horse & Rider

by Cherry Hill

Book Description
This ringside exercise book is a favorite of riding instructors and enthusiasts. Classic exercises and original patterns and drills are presented in a unique "read-and-ride" format. The book can be hung like a calendar or draped over the rail of the ring for quick and easy reference. Exercises such as working walk, canter, two squares, half halt, and flying changes progress through skill levels for both English and Western riders.

It's almost more of a manual than a book. All the exercises shown are maneuvers to be done while mounted, none are in-hand work. Most work with either English or Western styles of riding, although some are slanted more one way than another. Each page has a step-by-step description of how to ride the exercise, a list of benefits, cautions to consider while doing it, and occasionally, extra notes.

Very handy for a rider working at home without regular lessons.