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Horse Health Care: A Step-By-Step Photographic

Guide to Mastering Over 100 Horsekeeping Skills

by Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh

Book Description
Explains bandaging, giving shots, examining teeth, deworming, and preventive care. Exercising and cooling down, hoof care, and tending wounds are depicted, along with taking a horse's temperature and determining pulse and respiration rates.

From the Back Cover
Master dozens of horsekeeping skills from basic through advanced -- it's as easy as one-two-three!

Most horse owners realize that "know-how" is the key to safe and enjoyable horsekeeping. This user-friendly guide, created by respected equestrian author Cherry Hill, offers a wealth of practical advice on mastering dozens of essential skills, illustrated with 350 how-to photographs.

Horse Health Care includes correct techniques for:

-- Daily Examination
-- Basic Restraint
-- Leg Wrapping
-- Hoof Care
-- Giving Shots
-- Dental Exams
-- Wound Care
-- Checking Vital Signs

Horse owners of all ages and abilities will find Horse Health Care indispensable. Clear, step-by-step photographs and concise captions provide exact instructions for each activity, thorough enough for beginners, yet useful for experienced riders improving or expanding their skills.

This is a great book for the new owner who hasn't been brought up around horses. It has great pictures and goes into a lot of detail about nutrition, vaccinations, illness/injury, age characteristics, and more. Illustrations are great and the information invaluable for any horse facility.