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Horse Handling & Grooming: A Step-By-Step

Photographic Guide to Mastering over 100

Horsekeeping Skills

by Cherry Hill

Book Description
Book Description This user-friendly guide to essential skills includes feeding, haltering, tying, grooming, clipping, bathing, braiding, and blanketing. The wealth of practical advice offered is thorough enough for beginners, yet useful for experienced riders improving their skills.

This book is good for folks who have a basic knowledge of horses but want a little further advice. People who haven't had lessons or are just starting to work with horses for the most part will get confused easily. I got this book for a friend and while there is plenty of useful information the main things we were looking for were hoof care. The most useful information I found was the section on tying the horse and approaching the horse. This book is helpful but definitely not a complete source. We actually got Horses for Dummies and THAT book had ALOT of helpful information... including information on what you should consider BEFORE you become a horse owner.

This book matches exactly what the title says it is providing the beginner with the basics of handling and grooming on a horse that is use to both (in my mind set it pertains to a very gentle well trained horse that is use to a lot of handling, like someone else stated a sound horse).

It does just cover the basics on how to do it (not with a horse that is unruly) and on handling you will quickly out-grow the book. It does contain more information on grooming than it does handling so if you are new at that it should be very helpful.