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Common Sense Dressage

by Sally O'Connor

Product Description
Over 200 photos & illustrations combined with the author's instructive text make for one of the most useful books on dressage ever offered. Sound practical advice is presented on the progressive training of the horse. For less than the cost of one riding lesson, this may be the most dog-eared book on your riding bookshelf!

This is an excellent book for individuals with some basis in dressage as well as a basic understanding of horses and their movement. The many diagrams included with the text are clear, concise and explain how to apply leg, seat and rein aides correctly for most dressage movements. There are a number of exercises in each chapter which allow the rider to work on various elements on their own as well as with a trainer. There is also a chapter explaining the timing of the rider's movements for transitions between gaits as well as information to help understand how to move with the horse at the various gaits, including sitting trot.

All in all this is a valuable addition to the library of any equestrian interested in this branch of the discipline. Don't hesitate to buy it!