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Dressage For The New Age:

Third Edition: Revised and Expanded

by Sally Swift

Book Description
Size: 8 1/4 x 8. Cover is heavy wraps with flaps. Pages are clean and tight; this is a NEW book, still in the publisher's shrinkwrap. Third Revised and Expanded edition; first edition published in 1990. Lavishly illustrated with dozens of b/w photos and drawings. Includes a foreward to this edition by Sally Swift, founder of Centered Riding movement; and also the foreword to the first edition, by the late, great American dressage trainer Chuck Grant. Sections are: The Part of Riding No One Talks About; A Training Approach: Beginning a Dialogue with Your Horse; The Movements; afterwards by Mary Daniels; a listing, with photos, of the horses. As Ms. Swift says: "I think after reading Barbier's book you will come away with a renewed desire to connect with your horse. Never forget the importance of the center for unity between horse and rider". All of us seeking to work with, and better connect to our equine partners can learn much from this great book; it's not just about the movements, it's about becoming a true and loving partner to your equine teammate!