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Cross-Train Your Horse: Simple Dressage

for Every Horse, Every Sport

by Jane Savoie

This book turns out to be about as good a textbook as could be written on introducing an aspiring rider into higher horsemanship. It is clearly evident that Jane Savois' years of teaching make a huge difference in the presentation of the "learning to ride" subject. She has very skillfully balanced the text between not enough and too much information, and the words she chose to present in the book strike a perfect tone.

It's one of those rare horse books that you read cover to cover because every chapter applies to every rider and discipline. Jane Savoie gives specific examples of who uses dressage in their training (even if they are driving or in a western saddle!) and the beautiful results, even in the lower levels. This book is loaded with an easy to understand and a very informative approach to increasing skills.

Regardless of your riding level, this is a book you should have on your shelf.