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More Cross-Training: Build a Better Performance

Horse with Dressage

by Jane Savoie

Both of Jane's cross training books are a great resource for trainers, riders, and instructors because of their content and their readability. It doesn't matter what your riding discipline is--dressage, hunt seat, or even western, trail, or endurance. the techniques that Jane sets forth in her books will help every rider be more in tune with his or her mount, be more in control of the tremendous physical power of the horse, and therefore end up with a performance, whether in the show ring, or on the trail, that is a joy to ride. You can enjoy the book reading it from start to finish or just selecting sections that deal with a particular point of interest to you.

Jane Savoie is one of the clearest writers and educators in the sport of dressage and this book advocates the advantages of dressage for every horse. This second book is slightly better suited to the dressage enthusiast than every rider. It's for the riders who want to better and further their dressage training. It picks up where the first book left off, and like book 1, it is clear, innovative, explanative and illustrates the basic principles of more advanced dressage. It leaves the reader/rider with a better understanding of riding mechanics and harmony with the horse.

This book is well-written, straightforward, and illustrated with great photographs of horses and riders, showing both correct and incorrect movements and aids.