American Dream Horses .Com


by Jean-Louis Gouraud (Author),

Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Photographer)

Book Description
No one has captured the affinity between people and horses better than Yann Arthus-Bertrand, revealing how closely the horse's destiny is linked to that of mankind and the ways in which man has fashioned horses in accordance with his needs. This majestic volume shows horses as they really are--lively, high-spirited, mettlesome, animated, prancing, supple, and even ethereal. In situ photographs portray the spirit and the soul of two hundred different horse breeds, from racehorse to workhorse to show horse, from Montana and Russia, central Asia and Argentina, Mongolia and Cameroon, and points ordinary and exotic in between. They range from the purebred Arabians, to the Lippizaner, star of the famous Spanish riding school in Vienna, to the American Appaloosa, to the sleek, patrician thoroughbred.

Accompanying text recounts the rich history of our centuries old relationship with horses, and the role each breed has played on the world stage.

More than skilled with a camera, Arthus-Bertrand is one who respects the natural world. He brings this quality to his latest work, Horses, a splendid coffee table volume in which his lens captures the magnificence, grace, beauty, and playfulness of one of man's best friends.

Containing more than 200 photographs the reader is treated to views of horses at rest, at work and at play. Moreover, we see American jockeys, Mongolian herders, Spanish matadors, and other horse owners in their native dress and environment. Each photo underscores the serendipitous, interdependent relationship between horse and man.

An informative text by Jean-Louis Gouraud adds depth to this keepsake volume sure to be treasured by equine enthusiasts, photography aficionados, and lovers of the natural world.

I love this book and recommend it to anyone who appreciates the beauty and intelligence of this incredible animal.