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Q: How do I upload a photo to my ad?
A: Log into your manage ads area and click on the ad name. On the detail ad page you will click on the upload photo button. This is where you will be able to upload your photo(s). If you would like to email your photo, you can do so by sending it to Make sure to include your username and ad name in your email or the order #!

Q: I was in the middle of submitting a photo and something went wrong. What do I do now?
A: Try again! Or you can click on the "Upload Photo(s)" or "Replace Photo(s)" link next to the appropriate ad from the ad detail page. This will take you back to the beginning of the upload procedure. Make sure that you're not trying to upload a picture that is too big or does not fit our criteria. If you have submitted an order and it is pending, DO NOT SUBMIT AN ADDITIONAL ORDER. This will only delay the process of completing your order and getting your photo(s) on your ad. Don't forget, you can always email your photo(s) to us by attaching them to an email and sending them to Make sure to include your username and the name of your ad, or your order #.

Q: I uploaded several photos, but you only posted one to my ad. What gives?
A: Every photo posted to your ad requires payment, no matter how many photos you actually upload to us. If you pay for one photo on your ad and you upload three, we will only post one photo. We allow you to upload up to three photos just in case you change your mind and decide to pay for more than one photo.

Q: I replaced my photo and received confirmation that it was changed, but I do not see the new one!
A: This is usually caused by what is called a "cache" (pronounced "cash"). Your web browser saves a bunch of information inside this cache on your computer to make surfing the Internet faster and more enjoyable. This cache also stores photos, text, and other goodies. The next time you view your ad on our site, there is a good chance that the old photo is saved in this cache and is displayed rather than the new one. The easiest way to fix this is to click the "RELOAD" or "REFRESH" button on your browser when viewing your ad. If this does not work, hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard while clicking the "REFRESH" or "RELOAD" buttons.

Q: How can I change my username?
A: You can change your username at any time by going to the Edit Account Settings area of the site. Log into Manage Your Ads. Click on Edit Account Settings. You can make your changes.

Q: Yikes! I've encountered an error!
A: No problem. All errors encountered on our site are logged and sent to our engineers. We monitor these errors all the time and usually fix them quickly. If you experience a problem, simply try the same task again. If that does not work, try again after an hour or two. Should the problem persist, send us an email.

Q: I have forgotten my ID and/or password!
A: There is an automated way to receive your ID and/or password. Go to Forgot Password Form and enter your email address. If you have changed your email address you can then email us your old email address and we will send you your login information

Q: How do I unsubscribe from receiving a newsletter or special offer from   A: You can unsubscribe from receiving newsletters and special offers from us by sending an email to with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Please allow 30 days for your email address to be fully removed from our system.

Q: What is the difference between a Username and ID?
A: With the introduction of the Message Center, we are shifting from easy to forget 6-digit ID's to usernames that the user can choose. This username will be used to "log in" to your account, manage your ads, read your messages and more. In order to make this change smoothly, we allow users to log in using either their username or 6-digit ID. Eventually, we will phase out the ID's altogether.

Q: Why am I not getting any email from
A: Check your JUNK (Spam or Bulk) mail folder for emails, select any email found, and then click the THIS IS NOT SPAM button.

Q: On Yahoo, How do I add to my Safe Sender List?
A: Using a Yahoo browser, Go to your Addresses tab and press Add Contact. Enter in the Email field. Save

Q: On Hotmail, How do I add to my Safe Sender List?
A: Using a Hotmail browser, Go to your Contacts tab and press New. Enter in an Email field. Save

Q: On Yahoo, How do I Stop blocking email from
A: Using a Yahoo browser, Go to your Bulk Mail Folder, find an email from, open and press the THIS IS NOT SPAM button.

Q: On AOL, How do I Stop blocking email from
A: Using a AOL browser, Go to your Spam Folder, select an email from, press the Not Spam button.

Q: On Hotmail, How do I Stop blocking email from
A: Using a Hotmail browser, Go to your Junk E-Mail Folder, find an email from, select the check box and press the Not Junk button.

Q: I'm trying to upload a photo with my ad but it won't take!
A: If you are uploading a photo and the page comes back with a message telling you that there was an error uploading your photo, make sure your image is a valid Windows BMP or JPEG file. We recommend saving images as JPEGs (digital cameras save in this format by default). If you only have a BMP and are still having problems uploading, try checking your image viewing program (Paint, Imaging, etc...) for help on how to "Save As..." a JPG file.

Q: I can't remember my Password. How can I get it?
A: On any page you are asked to enter your Username/Password, just beneath the Username/Password fields, there is a link to the Forgot Password feature. Simply enter your e-mail address and your password will be e-mailed to you. If you don't receive your password via e-mail, or there is some other problem, please Contact Us and tell us what the problem is.

Q: My email address/contact information has changed. How do I update it?
A: Login to the Manage Your Ads area. In the left hand menu, select "Contact Info/Preferences". You will then be able to edit your information.

Q: My horse has sold and I don't want any more inquiries. What do I do?
A: Login to the Manage Your Ads area. Change the ad status to "Hidden".

Q: When I press the BACK button on my browser, it says the page is expired and I have to refresh or reload.
A: If you are having trouble with this, try viewing the horse using the "VIEW AD" button, you will then see a "BACK TO LIST" button on the ad which can be used to go back to the ad instead of the BACK button on your browser menu. This BACK TO LIST button only appears if you have used the VIEW AD button to begin with.

Q: I sent you an order/photo. Did you receive it?
1. All orders generate a confirmation email. If you did not get a confirmation email, you can check the status of your order by logging into your account and clicking the My Account tab. You will be able to see a history of your current and past orders.

2. If you uploaded your photo, you should see it appear in a confirmation web page screen in your browser as soon as it finishes uploading. If you have any question about whether it uploaded correctly, just try again using the SAME Order# as before until you see it appear or you can attach it to an email and send it to us at Please be SURE to put your Horse ID in the subject line of this email.

3. If you uploaded your photo, it will not show as an instant image if you already have a final photo on your ad, if you type the Order# in the wrong format.

4. If you are uploading more than one photo for a horse or a replacement, please use the SET option (PHOTO 1 of a SET, PHOTO 2 of a SET) when you upload. This gives each photo a different name so you don't cover up the first one with the second one. If you tried to upload one over the other and are still seeing the first one, it is probably saved in your browser's history so using the set option will let you see the new one in this case too. You can also try to REFRESH the image using your browser's REFRESH button on the photo.

5. If it has been over 5 days since you ordered: YES, there is probably some problem with your order or your photo. Most likely, we have not found your photo or your order did not go through. Please try sending or uploading the photo again! We do send out email letting you know that your order is ON HOLD and why, but this does take us a few days if we are very busy. We go through these looking for the photos a couple of times a week and emailing customers requesting photos.

Q: I keep getting a message that I have used an incorrect password. Why is this?
A: The first thing is to check your password with our system and have it emailed to you. Then be sure you are typing it in, not relying on information that may be saved in your browser. If there is already something in the browser window, delete it out and re-enter it. Be sure that you are capitalizing the password exactly like you originally entered it. You may need to clear your browser's cache buffer. In Netscape, go to Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Cache, Clear Memory Cache. In IE, go to Tools, Internet Options, General, Delete Temporary Internet Files.

Q: How do I upload my photo?
A: Have your photo ready by saving it on your computer in the JPG image format with the size less than 500K. When you fill in our upload form, you will see a "Browse" button which allows you to select this image off of your own computer by moving through your directories and finding your file. When we work on your order, we will further reduce the image to approximately 30K by resizing and cropping for you.

Q: I tried to register, submitted the info and received an error message. I tried again, and was told I was already registered. Help!
A: First try getting your password from our automatic Password Request program. If you are registered (with the correct email address) it will find you and email you your login information. If that doesn't work, please let us know.

Q: My horse is sold. Can you please remove it?
A: classifieds gives you full control of your ads, we need you to be responsible for marking your horse sold. All you need to do is login and you can edit, mark sold, renew, or delete your ads anytime. In other words, we prefer that you manage your own ads as much as possible. If you delete all your horses, your account will remain on our system for future use. If your horse is sold, we ask that you login and mark your horse either "Sold," "Sale Pending," or "Sold Here" rather than deleting it immediately so others can see that really works!

Q: I need to EDIT my ad. How do I do this?
A: Everything starts with logging into our system. After you login, you will see a button that says "Edit Horse Ad." Select your horse from the selection list and press this button to edit.

Q: I need to DELETE my ad. How do I do this?
A: Everything starts with logging into our system. After you login, you will see an EDIT HORSE button and list of horses you have on Select the horse, press the EDIT HORSE button, and you will see a DELETE button on the edit screen for that horse. Be careful, once deleted, it is completely erased from our system and we cannot put it back for you.

Q: My email address has changed. How do I update it?
A: Just login and click the "Edit User Info" button. This is where you can update your email, phone, ranch description, etc.