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Precious Lady : I Am A Lady And I Know It

Expires: 11-17-2017
Last Update: 10-17-2017

I Am A Lady And I Know It

I Am A Lady And I Know It
Horse: Precious Lady
Location: Lake Monroe , FL
Price: $$700
Breed: Miniature
Color: Palomino
Gender: Mare
Birth: 0/0/0
Markings: Flaxen mane and tail
Height: 8.0 hh
Weight: 250 lbs.
Reg. #: 0
Additional Comments:
Precious Lady is a very gentle palomino appaloosa mare. She is from the Chianti bloodline. Lady would make a great driving horse the way she prances she would be sure to win in any show.
Shipping Notes:
Purchaser pays the cost of transportation
Seller: Missroze123 (Rose Barnes)
Phone: 407.936.4475
Atributes: none