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Dacy : super stunning Skewbald mare

Expires: 06-07-2018
Last Update: 05-07-2018
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super stunning Skewbald mare
Horse: Dacy
Location: AL
Price: $700
Breed: Irish Draught
Color: Other
Gender: Mare
Birth: 0/0/2007
Height: 15.2 hh
Weight: 0 lbs.
Reg. #: 0
Additional Comments:
Dacy is a super stunning 15.2HH 5yr old Skewbald mare In the school, Dacy is coming on beautifully, she moves well and tries her hardest to please her rider and she works in a natural outline and has a nice even paces. She is a young, green horse who needs to continue her education. She is not forward or sharp nor a kick along, she reacts well to leg aids. She improves every day and is a pleasure to ride. Hacking – Dacy hacks alone and in company first or last, she has passed all traffic and hacked down the main road into town past busses and lorries, she is very good and reacts well to scary things out and about. Jumping – This is not an area we have done much in as have been working on her groundwork, flatwork and hacking, but she is happy to pop a few jumps in the school, again she has plenty of scope and schooled on will be a lovely all rounder. Cross country – we have taken Dacy cross country schooling and was a real gem, she would happily canter around and go away from another horse. She jumped everything we asked and was not fazed by water. She had a very level head and was a pleasure to have out. Open fields, Dacy as proved to be very good in open spaces in all weathers and happily hacked around in the snow. She has good brakes and always in a snaffle. Dacy is easy to handle, good to lead, tie up, muck out around, good for farrier, have her main pulled etc. Dacy is good to tack up (even though she doesn’t like her ears being touched) she is easy to put a bridle on. She loads into a lorry or trailer. We have not clipped Dacy but with someone she trusts don’t see it being an issue. Dacy has lived in and out here and is not bothered if stabled or let out. Dacy can be a nervous horse around new people so really needs to bond with her rider. She has a heart of gold and deserves a home to grow with her new best friend. Dacy needs to trust her owner and we are constantly working at mounting from the block. She does get nervous and step away when someone new tries to mount and is happier if someone on the ground to aid. We can mount her here from the floor or block, however she would un-nerve some riders. She had never done anything naughty in the whole time we have had her. She is just a baby who needs educating correctly and bringing on. For these reasons Dacy in not suitable to a nervous or novice rider, in time, with more experience this may change as she is a lovely horse to ride. But making sure she is education is continued correctly we ask for no novices, riders getting back into riding, nervous riders (a nervous horse will not thrive with a nervous rider) Dacy is constantly improving and gaining experience and a home to continue this is extremely important. No Loans not LWVTB no payment plans Dacy does not come with any tack but tack can be fitted
Shipping Notes:
Seller: diola199 (diola smith)
Phone: 320.364.2458
Atributes: none