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starlight : free adoption of my 7 year pony fjord

Expires: 07-16-2018
Last Update: 06-16-2018

free adoption of my 7 year pony fjord
Horse: starlight
Location: Clay County , FL
Breed: Fjord
Color: Cremello
Gender: Mare
Birth: 3/2/2007
Height: 13.0 hh
Weight: 1 lbs.
Reg. #: 0
Additional Comments:
we are a serious couple and we are looking for a serious person who can take good care of my pony fjord of 7 year.. starlight is the name of my pony. it's in good health . we are puting in free adoption because of profesional travel. If you are interest,just contact me in my e-mail to get more informations and pictures...
Shipping Notes:
Seller: mdonnot (donnot morel)
Phone: 562.154.850.
Atributes: none