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Mack : One in a Billion Show Stud

Expires: 09-08-2018
Last Update: 08-08-2018
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One in a Billion Show Stud
Horse: Mack
Location: Lincolnton , NC
Price: $9500
Breed: Tennessee Walking
Color: Black
Gender: Stallion
Birth: 6/11/2005
Markings: star/sock
Height: 15.3 hh
Weight: 1000 lbs.
Registry: twhbea
Reg. #: 20510833
Additional Comments:
Mack has been around for a while and we've been selective when people call to ask about buying him because he is a one-in-a-billion guy. Our children can lead him past a mare without as much as a nicker, he actually will nicker more at his gelding friends(we joke that he's gay) than mares. You don't find horses with personalities like his and he always passes these on to his offspring so we haven't had much reason to push selling him because replacing him would be impossible. He has a great gait, gorgeous/perfect confirmation, will self load onto the trailer. I really couldn't say enough about him. He speaks for himself, has been in famous photo sessions, people ask about him even if we're hours from home and they recognize the trailer. He's the direct son of the famous WGC Poison and it shows in his photogenic looks :) Riding wise he goes anywhere you point him, does anything you ask, you can stand on him(not that we encourage it) but his talents are endless and I fall in love each time riding him because it is effortless, you can take him to a show and prep just his hair for 20-30 mins where others would take hours to prep and he will still be in the winner's circle... Rarely do you find horses that make their owners and riders look good but he's one of them. I can't take the credit for his behavior because his intelligence is beyond normal, when I first got him you could not even bridle him but after much trust and discussions we built a bond that he allows anyone to do it now. Do not assume though that you can just do anything without earning it though... If you have a new trailer or something unfamiliar he will test it with his foot first to 'check' the floor, that's how smart he is, if he doesn't want to do something you have to discuss it with him. He will give you knowledge the more you're with him and he is the type that if you try to force or push you wont get anywhere but if you talk or ask he does absolutely anything. If you want brains/beauty/brawn then he's it. If you want the winner's circle he is it. If you want a trail-partner you can text or take photos and he'll guide you through effortlessly, he's it. As far as selling, we aren't motivated to sell simply because we can use him for Therapeutical riding and with guests since he is so eager to please and his temper is just that quiet so he does pretty much pay for his own upkeep hence no big rush to see him leave. ~Price or Adoption Fee= $9500 ~Located in Lincolnton, N.C. ~ Since we're around large machinery/loud noises/animals/or doing sessions- Texting is easiest to get a quicker reply as voicemail usually stays full - 704-240-6003 *Bloodline/Lineage= { SUMAC, POISON, SWEET BANDALORIA, THE PUSHOVER, HEART 109, PUSHER'S BANDITO, LA FAVORITA, THE PUSHER C.G., PRIDE'S SUPER DAWN S., THE SUPER STOCK, EBONY'S PRIDE, THE PUSHER C.G., DELIGHT'S MUSIC GAL, PRIDE'S FAVORITE, BEAMS STAR SEARCH, DRUG DEALER, GO BOYS BLUE GAL M., PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F., DOC'S MIDNIGHT STAR, SCAT MAN MC., MAY ALLEN GIRL, EBONDY MASTERPIECE, SHADOW'S JUNE BRIDE, DRUG DEALER, GO BOYS BLUE GAL M., SUN'S DELIGHT D., INVASIONS LINDABIRD, PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F., PETTIT'S SHIRLEY, PRIDE'S BEAM, EB'S LADY EXECUTIVE } ***Video Link(s)= Lexie & Molly & Mack~ Molly & Mack~ Mack & Lexie~ Self Loading~ Pasture Play~ Trails with Guests~ Trails~ Playing in Arena~ Gaiting~ Parking & Stretching- Pasture Play= ****Current Coggins/Vaccines are up to date, vet-checks are preferred before leaving facility, buyer(s) welcome to do on-site lease for as long as needed if you would like to get to know the horse(s) but a lease-rate or deposit would have to be made to hold horse(s), we have hours of trails on 300+ acres with creeks, 80x100 covered riding arena, and we'll do our best to represent or know the horse(s) and transition them as comfortably as possible with purchaser(s). Have many references of past buyers as we try to stay in touch with everyone, we know you can't guarantee a horse since they have a mind of their own but we've switched out horses or re-trained even years after selling them as we want both to be as happy as possible as well as keep a good reputation :) More information is available regarding leases @
Shipping Notes:
Seller: zennessee (Molly Froehlich)
Phone: 704.530.7799
Atributes: none