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kent : Outstanding Friesian Stallion Available

Expires: 05-22-2009
Last Update: 04-22-2009

Outstanding Friesian Stallion Available
Horse: kent
Location: portland , OR
Price: $800
Breed: Friesian
Color: Black
Gender: Stallion
Birth: 4/10/2005
Height: 15.3 hh
Weight: 1200 lbs.
Reg. #: 0
Additional Comments:
This young KENT stallion was very well bred and raised with the utmost care and attention, and has recently been started both under saddle and driving. kENT just received the elite status at the keuring, ranking him in the tippy top 10% of all stallions for conformation and movement!!! His incredible FULL pedigree is just what the dutch Judges are looking for... and we think this boy should be tried again for approval. His motherline is impeccable... The quality of this stallion is evident in his very athletic build and his amazing disposition! Even the dutch judges confirmed this! kENT is bred out of the tall and elegant mare Wilkje B (an incredible Brandus mare *** take a look at our yearling filly,Wilma, {Rembrandt's sister!}, she, too, is out of the same Brandus mare, Wilkje B) KENT was very recently, calmly and correctly, started under saddle this year - and he has been soooooo easy. A joy to work with. This young stallion is very trusting, calm and relaxed. He has no stallion manners whatsoever. KENT has a strong work ethic, ideal conformation, and beautiful movement, and is very suitable for competitive dressage AND is certainly worth trying for approval, or using in a breeding program. He is still growing , and is just under 16 hands. KENT is a VERY reasonably priced young stallion; that is already showing all the majestic, masculine beauty of the Friesian breed, and he sports an excellent pedigree with unbroken predicates through out, and a disposition to die for - already riding and driving.
Shipping Notes:
Seller: ptkori (peter kori)
Phone: 775.796.8289
Atributes: none