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Cinder : LOOKING FOR THIS MARE; 25 yrs old+; sorrel

Expires: 06-04-2009
Last Update: 05-04-2009

LOOKING FOR THIS MARE; 25 yrs old+; sorrel
Horse: Cinder
Location: NV
Breed: Standardbred
Color: Sorrel
Gender: Mare
Birth: 0/0/0
Markings: white star on forehead
Height: 15.0 hh
Weight: 0 lbs.
Registry: None
Reg. #: 0
Additional Comments:
I am trying to find the first horse I owned. I know it's a long shot, and I know it's probable that she is not alive. All the same, I want to find her if possible. I owned her in Boulder City, NV, in the late 1980s and sold her to an Airforce family in North Las Vegas. Her name is Cinder. She is a sorrel mare, probably at least 25 years old, and has a white star on her forehead which looks like a triangle. She had a black tail in the 1980s. She is not registered, but did have a brand inspection done. Unfortunately, the brand inspector does not keep records that old. She is nothing special in the horse world, but very dear to me. She made a big difference in my life, and I'd like to find her again and take care of her in her retirement years. If you know of her, please contact me.
Shipping Notes:
Seller: rhondaflynn2 (Rhonda Flynn)
Phone: 770 781.4897
Atributes: none