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: Needing some help around your Barn?

Expires: 07-04-2009
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Needing some help around your Barn?
Gender: Female
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Hello there! I've been working with Horses (of all backgrounds) for about 5 years. I am an experienced barn hand and have the been there done that quality about me. I am intrigued by Racehorses and would love to work with some someday. I'm going to Lone Star Park on Saturday, do you ever race there? I am really excited and very much interested in this sport. I am a capable and loving groom. I can muck, feed, give medicine/supplements, water, bathe, groom (can't show groom, but am a very fast and can pick up a new way of doing things in a flash) lounge exercise and flat work exercise. I have been riding English for less than 6 months, so I'm very green with that but other wise, I can ride trails, barrels, poles and some western pleasure. I'm your go-to-girl for whatever you need with your horses. Currently I'm looking for a part time job. If this sounds good to you or if you know of anyone needing this, please email me! Thank you for your time. A.R. Martinez
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Seller: berberry08 (Amber Renee Martinez)
Phone: 469.939.0745
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