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Savvys Twinklin Star : 2004 sorrel AQHA mare: sweet, willing, and smart!

Expires: 07-12-2009
Last Update: 06-12-2009
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2004 sorrel AQHA mare: sweet, willing, and smart!
Horse: Savvys Twinklin Star
Location: Southwest , UT
Price: $3,950
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Sorrel
Gender: Mare
Birth: 3/22/2004
Markings: star, white pasterns
Height: 14.3 hh
Weight: 950 lbs.
Registry: AQHA
Reg. #: 4546099
Additional Comments:
Could excel at nearly anything and everything. Reserve champ in the state 4H colt show (showmanship, western pleasure, trail, reining, equitation) against 5-year-olds when she was 3. Great on a longe line and out on the trail and is interested in cows. Catches, bits nicely, ties patiently, loads and hauls well, all those things. Doesn’t mind attention. No vices. A pleasure to ride. Her 3-year-old summer I trail rode her bareback with just a halter. She collects and moves off leg cues well- fore & rearhand pivot, sidepass. I assisted a reiner trainer for years, so she's got those basics- stops nice, starting to spin. Sweet temperament. My fiancé, new to riding, prefers riding her to the old “kids’ horse”, because “Twink” does what he asks. At the rate she’s going, she’ll be a good kids’ horse soon. I take my nieces and nephews down to two years old riding with me leading or riding with them. In the parade photo I sent, she is carrying the white flag. We got a blue in showmanship while I was in a wheelchair, and I've worked with her while I've been on crutches. Healthy, up to date on shots. Cataract in her L eye- vet thinks she got something in it. She's had it since she was about a day old, so she's used to it and gets along better than fine- ask anyone who’s watched her or worked with her. We think she can see pretty well out of it. You can only see the cataract when it's dark outside- it gets bluish.
Shipping Notes:
Seller: ciesulli (Anna C. S.)
Phone: 435.632.3265
Atributes: none