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: Affordable Horse Boarding

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Affordable Horse Boarding
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Partial and full care boarding available on private 10 acre farm(located a few min off 27). We have 2 spots available. Facility includes: *40 x 80 barn with 4 stalls(stalls are nice and roomy 10 x 12 very open and airy. Wide, open aisleway) *small indoor arena *3 pastures(2 small paddocks and 1 big 8 acre field, we have plenty of grass) *safe fence(no barb wire, field and wood board) Water troughs are cleaned as needed(1-2 weekly). Paddocks/shelter are cleaned daily. Horses are dewormed every 2 months(at no extra cost).We only have room for 2 more horses(2 are already on property). Great for retired horses, trail riders, or horses that need to be out 24/7. Will put fly spray and fly mask/sheet/blanket for no additional cost. We are small which allows us to provide personal, individual care to each horse. Safe, quiet, private, clean facility. Horse knowledgeable management(can provide references). The following prices are for pasture board with access to shelter(indoor arena). Horses are only brought in the stalls to eat their grain, get checked over, and are turned out again. (If you want your horse stalled, you are responsible for cleaning the stall, buying shavings, and turnout) In winter, horses have access to good grass round bales in the field, and we also feed a flake or two of good quality grass hay. $150-you buy your own hay/grain and feed your horse daily. $175-we supply hay/grain and feed daily. For $225 we offer full care(which includes stall and turnout. We provide feed/hay/shavings/and water daily) Call 513-582-1311 or e-mail me at for more info or to schedule an appointment to visit.
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Seller: docsmybaby (Jen Pearson)
Phone: 513.582.1311
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