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Cool Breeze Zeb : AQHA Dunskin Quarter Horse Gelding Lots of Zebra stripe

Expires: 11-18-2009
Last Update: 10-18-2009

AQHA Dunskin Quarter Horse Gelding Lots of Zebra stripe
Horse: Cool Breeze Zeb
Price: $5500
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Dunskin
Gender: Gelding
Birth: 6/2/2002
Markings: Zebra stripes
Height: 15.1 hh
Weight: 1100 lbs.
Registry: AQHA,NFQHA
Reg. #: 0
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Additional Comments:
Registered AQHA and NFQH 89% foundation Look at the Zebra stripes on this fellow. He is 1 in a million in color. Cool Breeze Zeb: born June 2, 2002 15.1 Hands “Cool Breeze Zeb”, a AQHA, ABRA, KBHA dun gelding, which stands 15 hh and weights around 1300 lbs. He has all the dun-factor that you could want in a show horse to compete for Dun-Factor points along with his correct conformation and the speed to do barrel racing. “Zeb” is 89% NFQHA foundation bred. He competes in Barrels and Poles Zeb excels in the poles with an outstanding flying lead change. ““Zeb” comes from a long line of ABRA show and working arena horses. His sire “SunQuest Half Pint”, is a Buttermilk Buckskin/Dun stallion, 15 hh tall and weights around 1200 lbs., and produces 93% color every time on any mare (you will get nothing but buckskins, duns and grullos). He is 95% FQHA and 92.3% NFQHA bred he has won his 1995 KKBHA Futurity Champion against five other colts. In 1997 he won his 2 year old Snaffle Bit Futurity, he has his ROM in ABRA, KBHA halter and dun-factor. “Half Pint” has produced 50 foals in total 97% have dorsals and zebra stripes just like “Zeb”. His gets are in the arena performing Western Pleasure, Working Cow, Reining, and Racing events. “Zeb’s” dam is “SunQuest Royal Zeb” a buttermilk buckskin/dun mare 15 hh and weight around 1300 lbs. she too has been shown in the ABRA and KBHA with halter and dun-factor points. She has produce seven foals in Sunquest farms breeding program. Zeb’s” grandfather is “SunQuest Whisky Hill” has 290 points in Dun-Factor (Bronze Metal earner) ROM and Superior earner, 5 x ABRA Dun-Factor winner, ROM Halter points and 129 foals. His greatest accomplishment is the 1992 ABRA Reserve World Champion Stallion; his gets are winning in Western Pleasure, Racing Events, Working Cow, Roping, Reining and Cutting. He has had 8 months of reining training and has been started and shown in contesting. He is an all around horse. Needs and experienced rider. This page was last updated: June 16, 2009The time is: 11:42:10 PM on October 18, 2009
Shipping Notes:
Seller: maximumbull (Kathleen Wellner)
Phone: 330.947.6060
Atributes: none