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Brioso : Registered Hanoverian gelding has dressage training

Expires: 04-10-2010
Last Update: 03-10-2010
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Registered Hanoverian gelding has dressage training
Horse: Brioso
Location: West Union, West Virginia, USA
Breed: Hanoverian
Color: Chestnut
Birth: 0/0/1990
Height: 17.2 hh
Weight: 0 lbs.
Reg. #: 0
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Additional Comments:
Adoption horse requires adoption application and contract. We are always having specials with anywhere from 10 to 50% off adoption fees Horse requires adoption application and contract. Brioso: '90 registered Hanoverian, with brand on left hip, 17.2 hands, chestnut, white star, RF sock, RH/LH stockings. Sire is Banter, has shown through 1st level dressage, working at 3rd level (has lateral movements and changes), has jumped 2' and done hunter and dressage lessons , looking for a pleasure or 'fun' dressage situation, no jumping beyond cross rails and logs on the trail. healthy and vet care up to date, good manners, large boned, knows leads, likes to work, good with other animals and horses but usually near the top of the pecking order, smart, easily trained, respects your space, loads, will chew if bored or stressed, good with farrier and vet, ties, cross ties, low energy when its hot weather and has huge gaits, good temperament, clips, bathes, likes people, quiet in stall, free lunges and on a line. a wonderful boy who needs a home with a family that doesn't ride or work their horses hard, he's a bit of a hot house flower so he's accustomed to a high level of care, he is not the type of horse you can toss outside and forget about, he likes and needs a nice big clean stall with regular turn out. Brioso should never be loose around any really tiny kids (say age 5 and below), keep small kids and small animals out of his stall and pasture, fine with large kids and adults, has ridden kids at camps and in lessons. Many horses are protective of their pasture and stall and many horses are frightened of little tiny kids but Brioso is more sensitive about his space. He needs to be treated as a cold backed horse and just warmed up before riding. Brioso had colic surgery in 1995 with no loss of intestines and has never had any reoccurrences or shown any signs of being sensitive to feed, stress or grass since then. He's been on Horse Sense Horse Feed and has done exceptionally well on it, if the adopter could keep him on that feed it would be great, otherwise he becomes a super duper hard keeper. He is a nice guy and really knows his stuff. Brioso is really a joy to ride. He knows at least some first level movements well -- can leg yield very easily, knows his leads, performs transitions well and is very forward. He seems light on the aids and has a very nice floating trot. He enjoys working. He can also jump although we have only asked him to trot over poles which he willingly went over. We have been riding him in a double jointed snaffle, is nice to work around, enjoys being vacuumed and is quite a gentlemen under saddle and on the ground. He went out on a trail ride the other day and was also well behaved. I think that he could give confidence to an intermediate rider to continue on and also teach them a lot. Brioso has some large joints in his legs, but I have not noticed any problems with stiffness or soundness since he has been on the Horse Sense feed. Be sure to look at my other horses.
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