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Filly :

Expires: 11-04-2010
Last Update: 10-04-2010

Horse: Filly
Location: Decatur , IL
Price: $$500.00
Breed: Palomino
Gender: Yearling
Birth: 5/25/0
Markings: Blaze and white sock
Height: 14.0 hh
Weight: 800 lbs.
Reg. #: 0
Additional Comments:
She is a 09' yearling she is a promising athletic prospect. Filly is sound and has no vices. She loads,flysprays and worms well and the more she is handled the better she is. We just have to many horses and not enough room, we hate to see her go but we have no choice.
Shipping Notes:
Seller: jessicowgirlup (Jessi Larrance)
Phone: 217.963.2741
Atributes: none